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Grown Folk Spits Knowledge
by admin
Grown Folk Spits KnowledgeBy Alexis Green When you ask a grown-up 'what were you doing in 2010'? You're bound to get numerous,...
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Diesel Prime: The Future
by admin
Diesel Prime is a name that should be remembered. This young artist has been around for a while, mainly five years, and even if he is...
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Spoken Word by Msknene Terry "Karlishia"
by admin
karma comes back quicker nowadays,& no one is too good to PRAY,once again FREE SKOOL,abide by the Rules,remain LOYAL & stay...
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A Love - The Fire and Desire
by admin
A. Love: The Fire & Desire The terrible twos, an age we all go through. Usually is a time notable for how one could be so...
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NG Black:The Flow Hustler From Paris
by admin
NG Black:The Flow Hustler From ParisBy Alexis Green Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts to both give & to receive. To...
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A Threat To The Game
by admin
A Threat To The GameBy Alexis Green To be talented truly has its pros & cons. So just imagine having the blessing of being known...
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