Kristina Grafer Music: "Clear,sweet,and soothing"kg

How many stars are there? An infinite number. Some shine brighter than others. One that definitely deserves our attention is "Kristina Grafer".

Kristina Grafer is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. What started as a hobby in the middle of the night quickly grew into a full time project. Six months after graduating High School, she found herself in the studio with Producer Matt Dalton and Craig Owens (Chiodos) recording her debut EP "Note To Self." Already sharing the stage with some big names, Kristina is making a name for herself and gaining attention and popularity from people of all ages. With a different, unique, and catchy writing style, it's hard to not sing along.

Her voice is clear, sweet and soothing. It's what you want to experience when you're at peace with yourself and the world...or want to be. Kristina Grafer's style goes high on the list of "Good Mood" music. Her style is her own, blending perfectly with her background acoustic guitar. In addition to the natural talent, it's the indivdualism that catches your attention. That's what takes the trend of music in a different direction, followed by imitators.

Later, when the world takes notice, you'll appreciate that you've already felt the glow of this shining star. But for now, enjoy her sound, she's just a click away!